How To Make Lactic Acid Face Peel

Presently there is lot of interest in the skin care products. Everybody wants to look young. There are lot many products available in the market regarding skin care. This is one of the fastest growing industries. The face peel products are well known for giving you youthful and vibrant facial skin complexion. As everybody wants to look young, there will be more and more products in the market for the face peel procedures. In all this marketing chaos one simple fact is forgotten that it is possible to get natural products and make your own home made face peels. These will be extremely safe and cheap. Just remember that the legendary beauty queen Cleopatra never used modern day face peel products to keep her facial skin complexion youthful.

How to make lactic acid face peel in your home? There is a simple answer to this question. But before going in to that, let us understands what face peel is exactly and how does it work. There are skin cells in your facial skin layers. These skin cells get damaged due to sun, wind and atmosphere. These skin cells die due to old age. All these dead and damaged skin cells remained glued to the skin layers. This is exactly the cause of your face showing your old age. If you can remove these dead and damaged skin cells from the skin layer, then you can regain your youthful skin complexion.

The face peel has a acid solution in it. This acid dissolves the glue bond between the dead and damaged skin cells and the skin layers. Then rubbing and rinsing with water can remove those dead and damaged skin cells. This is the way face peel procedure works. Only superficial face peel containing fruit acids can be done at home by you. All other face peel procedure requires medical supervision.

The highly reactive synthetic acids can remove good skin cells also from your facial skin. As there can be side effects and allergic reactions involved, medical supervision is necessary.

The lactic acid is present in milk, soure milk, and butter milk. This can be used as face peel in its natural form. Wash your face well. Then apply any of these products to your facial skin. Keep it as it is for fifteen minutes. Then wash your face thoroughly with lot of water. Just take a small milk product on the finger and pat it on your face. You can use tomato puree or juice as a natural source of lactic acid. There will not be any side effect and allergy.

This all natural lactic acid face peel works wonderfully in young age to keep you young for ever. The legendary Cleopatra used to bathe in milk as she did know the face peel properties of lactic acid in the milk.

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