Older Women In High Heels

High heels are a fascination to many and a matter of pride and bring out the sophistication in women as they walk tall with their long legs. However beautiful it may appear, high heels are very dangerous to one’s health. Wearing high heels makes your leg look beautiful and is indeed seen as the height of elegance, but the heels relate to various other health problems cannot be ignored. Wearing high heels depends on one’s preference, but you should be aware of the seriousness of the problems. Women have more foot problems than men and wearing high heels is a significant reason.

Physical problems that are associated with high heels are foot pain; change in back posture, foot deformities, balance impairment and knee osteoarthritis. Orthopedists state that high heels lead to arthritis, sprained ankles, chronic knee pain and back problems. High heels result in various foot problems. High heels causes knee osteoarthritis, and this is characterized by actual breakdown of cartilage enveloping the knee. You can cause ankle sprains or breaks due to rolling on high heeled shoes. Wide heels also augment the development of osteoarthritis and high heels increase knee joint pressure.

Older women also love high heels, but experience more trouble with feet than the younger women and the simple reason is that the fat pads on the lower end of the feet starts deteriorating due to aging process and can alleviate some problems of the foot by wearing well fitted or properly constructed shoes. Shoes that offer cushioning and also have a flexible upper will confirm the shape of your feet. Your feet are comfortable in leather shoes as they can breathe freely and also can reduce the possibility of skin irritation. The soles should be of lightweight and also have enough flexibility. It should possess shock absorbing quality to give solid footing and to not be slippery. Low heeled shoes offer great stability and more protection as well as comfort for the feet.

Older women usually have circulatory problems and have to keep their feet warm even in cold weather to avoid frostbite. Older women in high heels experience more and quick pain as high heels exerts abnormal stress on front as well as back of the knee. The fluid in the knee depends on the cartilage health as it absorbs nutrients from the liquid to repair on its own. Wearing high heels stresses the knee to restrict the fluid absorption and slowly the cartilage gets dried and shreds. This creates various health problems in older women and so it is best avoided.

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